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2.International Railway Symposium (IRIS 2008), Istanbul Haydarpaşa 2008

  • Istanbul Aksaray - Exploring the thickness of ballast in the airway light rail with ground penetrating radar.

2009 Kocaeli - International Earthquake Sysmposium

  • Seismic surveys to test the soil conditions as a result of operation of the railway ground improvement in the Poti Village of Georgia.

  • To explore the ruins of the ancient Roman baths with GPR (georadar) in Terziköy spa area.

21. International Mining Congress (IMCET), Antalya 2009

  • Exploring Marble fields, gaps, cracks and blocks using geophysical methods.

63. Geology Congress, Ankara MTA 2010

  • To test the suitability of the Jet grouting and stone column productions project with georadar (GPR) method.

19. International Geophysical Congress and Exhibition, Ankara 2010

  • During Production of tunnel, predicting migrate with georadar method.

  • Detecting Archeological remains 3D using magnetic and electromagnetic geophysical methods in Anaia Kadı Castle.

  • Scanning spaces between backfill concrete with precast concrete in metro tunnels with georadar (GPR).

SAGEEP 2011, Symposium on the Application of Geophysics t o Environmental and Engineering Problems, Charleston South Carolina, USA 

  • Archaeogeophysical Investigation of Silifke Korykion and Goztepesi Area, Turkey

65. Geology Congress, Ankara 2011

  • An integrated investigation of the ground profile in uncontrolled fill regions.

  • Use of different geophysical methods in karst areas to choice of building site.