With Single Channel or Multi Channel High Resolution Marine Seismic Equipment in Sea and Lakes;

  • High Resolution Seismic Reflection,
  • Seismic Breaking

we are carrying out  studies.

We would like to be your solution partner in your deep stratigraphic studies with shallow engineering works in vertical direction> 10 cm and / or> 30 cm.

2D and 3D sections and diagrams are created with special computer software of seismic data collected in the field.

Drilling logs, baitmeter data, Tomographic data are analyzed in an integrated manner and 3D cross section diagrams are created with special software. The relationship of the discontinuities to each other, the changes in the horizontal and vertical direction and the dips and the directions, pulses and orientations of the faults are determined in more detail.

With our expert data processing team, your problems and expectations are resolved faster, more economically and reliably.


  • Tunnel Tubegechit etc. route studies and alternative güzirhag analyzes
  • Solution of Engineering Problems (Sea landslide, paleoseismic channels, fault etc.)
  • Stratigraphic Investigations,
  • Port Marina Location Selection Surveys
  • Pipeline Route Inspections,
  • Mud thickness and Determination of the level of the Anakaya
  • Determination of Layer Thickness and Velocity
  • Determination of gas leaks and traps on the seabed,
  • Natural Gas and Hydrocarbon Research
  • Oceanographical Studies
  • Karstic investigations
  • Determination of sand and sediment thickness


  • Van Erçek Lake Fault Lines Determination, 2015
  • 3 bridge legs osinogarifk exercises, 2013
  • Antalya Demre Yacht Harbor Geological Geotechnical Investigations, Hydrographic and Oceanographical Surveys and Feasibility Report, 2011 DLH Antalya Regional Directorate
  • Pendik Yacht Harbor Geological Geotechnical Investigations and Hydrographic Oceanographic Surveys, 2012 Pendik Municipality
  • TPAO İskenderun area Oceanographic Surveys, 2012, TPAO