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 Geophysical Quality Control, Survey & Analysis and Reporting

  •   2B-3B Seismic Reflection Workings
  •   2B-3B Seismic Fracture Tomography
  •   Microtremor - SPAC Survey and Analysis
  •   2B-3B MASW Survey and Analysis
  •   2B-3B Electrical Tomography
  •   Vertical Electrical Drillings
  •   IP Surveys and evaluation
  •   Magnetic - Gradiometer Surveys
  •   Georadar (GPR) Surveys
  •   Down Hole - Cross Hole Seismic Surveys
  •   Natural Potential Surveys

 Geophysical Studies in the Laboratory

  •   Vp and Vs Speed surveys on the core samples
  •   Resistivity surveys on core / ground samples
  •   Dynamic Elasticity Module on Core samples

 Geological-Geotechnical-Geophysical Survey Project Services

  •   Microzonation and / or Plane Based Geological Geotechnical Studies
  •   Main Floor and Basic Surveys for the Implementation Project
  •   Highway - Railway Surveys
  •   Tunnel Route Geological, Geotechnical, Geophysical Surveys
  •   Waste Field Surveys
  •   Dam & HEPP projects
  •   Hydrogeological Studies
  •   Groundwater- Geothermal / Mineral Water Surveys
  •   Archaeological Surveys
  •   Mine Furnaces and Field Studies
  •   Landslide Surveys

 Drilling Works

  •   Geotechnical Boreholes
  •   CPT, CPTS, CPTu
  •   Water Drillings

Seismicity Analysis

  •   Paleoseismic Investigations
  •   Risk analysis according to specific earthquake scenarios
  •   Acceleration Spectrum Analysis
  •   Liquefaction Analysis
  •   Soil-Structure Interaction and Dinamic analysis

Some Issues  We can produce solutions

  •   Analyzes and solutions of deformations coming from the ground and building
  •   Determination of archaeological building remains
  •   Identification and mapping of infrastructure lines
  •   Building location selection
  •   Preparing landslide analysis and prevention projects
  •   Determination of building basic thickness and basic type
  •   Investigation of dirt pollution
  •   Investigation of drainage probelms and determination of precautions
  •   Determination of reinforcement and corrosion amount in column beams
  •   Industrial raw material investigations and reserve assignments
  •   Preparation of Deep Excavation Projects
  •   Soil improvement projects
  •   Stuck control
  •   Deformation and displacement suveys
  •   Injection propagations quality control
  •   Karstik Cavity and Fault Investigations
  •   Investigation of water resources
  •   Determination of uninterrupted ground profile of the route
  •   Bored pile - Jetgrout quality control

Consulting Services

  •   Preparation of technical specifications
  •   Analysis and evaluation of proposals
  •   Supervision and Consultancy Services
  •   Post-Implementation Test, Analysis and Acceptance